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Interview: Digvijay Singh

Interview: Digvijay Singh

‘I have evidence of RSS and VHP making bombs’
Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh attacks the BJP just like Sushma Swaraj attacked the Congress. ‘Investigate the timings of the blasts’, he tells NEHA DIXIT
You have made a statement that serial blasts take place in the country only when the BJP is in trouble.
What I have said is that the timing of the bomb blasts is quite uncanny. Why does it always happen when the BJP is in trouble? That needs investigation. I am not charging anyone.
What do you mean when you say the BJP is in trouble?
When the TEHELKA issue was to be discussed in Parliament, the House was adjourned for three days. Then when the expose was to be discussed, the Parliament attack took place. When the Godhra incident took place, Congress was doing exceedingly well in the local body elections and Narendra Modi had won by only 6,000 votes as a chief minister and that too with great difficulty. During the recent Karnataka election, there was a bomb blast in Hubli on the very first day of polling. Similarly, two days before the polling in the second phase in Karnataka elections, there was a bomb blast in Jaipur. It really needs an investigation.
Is your statement a response to Sushma Swaraj’s accusation against the Centre?
No, there is no question of that. I have been citing these instances about the blasts for a long time.
But Sushma Swaraj was criticised by the Congress … Sushma Swaraj alleged that the Congress is involved directly. I have not said that. And does she have any facts?
I have facts of RSS, VHP making bombs.
Do you have evidences to prove that BJP, VHP and RSS is involved in making bombs.
Yes. In fact, in 1992 there was a bomb blast in the VHP office in Madhya Pradesh, where one VHP member died and two were injured while making bombs. Then in 2002, there was a bomb blast in a temple in Mhow. When the police arrested the VHP activists after investigation, they confessed that they were even given training to manufacture bombs. I have a videocassette of that confession. Again, in 2006, in Nanded, there was a bomb blast in the house of a RSS activist where two RSS activists died. After that in March 2008, there were bomb blasts at two places in Tamil Nadu. Then too VHP activists were arrested by the Tamil Nadu police who confessed that they were involved. And how did the Gujarat police suddenly find eighteen bombs planted on trees in Surat?
So are you saying that the BJP is behind the recent serial blasts?
No, I am not saying anything. All that I am saying is that the timing is uncanny. RSS, VHP activists have been caught making bombs, material for preparing bombs have been found at their office and there are three-four clear cases where they have been arrested and a case has been registered. Why isn’t anyone looking into this?.
Shouldn’t all parties unite against terrorism?
Absolutely, but when you target only Muslims, it’s not correct.
Then why is the blame-game still on?
It is on because we have evidence to say that people who talk about nationalism and nationalist feelings should not be involved in making bombs. The BJP believes in divisive politics. They cannot survive without dividing Hindus and Muslims. Each time something happens, they come back to Hindutva.
From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 33, Dated Aug 23, 2008
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