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My Response to Rupa Subramanya on Twitter

My Response to Rupa Subramanya on Twitter

On July 27, Rupa Subramanya posted a rebuttal to my article India’s Defamed Government. Below is the text of my twitter responses to her.

Rupa’s criticism is baseless. In my article, I have clearly mentioned that Arvind Kejriwal was arrested after May 16 not sued.+

+I have mentioned one more defamation case against Arvind Kejriwal which was filed by BJP on July 17, also, which she is getting confused with. +

+My article clearly mentions ‘two separate districts’ and one from Goa while discussing defamation cases, where she again gets confused.+

+In the Teesta Setalvad argument, I clearly mention that she has been sued by Rais Khan, who allegedly influenced witnesses. Didn’t say Modi did it.+

+She wrongly quotes me in the US libel case because the article mentions Shalabh Kumar clearly and not Modi as the appellant. +

+She is maliciously assigning motive to the part about Ashish Khetan. The piece clearly mentions his example in context of the use of Parliamentary privileges, it never says it happened in the current government. +

+With her center right bias, she should refrain from ascribing motives to writings that differ with her opinion

+her criticism has a pattern & in the past she has assigned motives to all including NYT, NGOs and liberals.+

+Lastly, in her rebuttal she mentions that ‘Criminality in Indian politics is indeed a well-known and serious problem and yet has a problem with me mentioning that 1/3 of BJP MPs hav criminal cases, her bias stands exposed.

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