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First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India Vol 1

First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India Vol 1



First-Hand Volume I, a collection of new non-fiction graphic narratives, features works by independent writers, artists, reporters, activists, researchers, designers, anthropologists, academicians, and film-makers based in India, who comment on and describe their world through comics in six genres: biography, autobiography, oral history, documentary, commentary, and reportage.

By combining image and word to tell stories that range from urgent contemporary narratives to more exploratory historical perspectives to simply the extraordinary lives of ordinary people, the book offers new worlds through which we can re-enter our own. Whether it be reporting the murder of an RTI applicant, or an account of the Gujarat riots, or a biography of Begum Akhtar, or a narrative about becoming familiar with one’s city through the use of its public transport system, each comic tells the story of Indian reality, bringing alive what has only been encountered in word till now, visually.
Neha’s piece, illustrated by Orijit Sen: The Girl Not From Madras
Edited by Orijit Sen and Vidyun Sabhaney
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: YodaPress
Publishing Date: December 2016
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